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Current Retail Licensing in Ontario

AGCO is licensing 30 stores a week with the plan to lift this weekly limit in July. There are over 700 stores licensed to date with the plan to have 1000 stores licensed by September. To open up a retail store there are 3 licences required:
Retail Operator Licence (ROL)
Retail Store Authorization (RSA)
Retail Manager Licence (RML)

Farmgate Opportunity

If you own a cultivation and/or processing facility you can open a farmgate store. This is a store at the same location as your federal licence.

Why CLE?

CLE can assist with preparing your ROL, RSA, RML. The licence is just one part of your journey to a successful retail business. Our extensive network can be your partners in helping you develop a successful dispensary and retail business. Some of our partners include:
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