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New Brunswick has announced a new Farm-Gate program, in which licensed canna producers can apply for permission to sell their products onsite, where they are grown. The locations will be selected through a public tender process this fiscal year. The application process has begun and the last date to apply is Oct 5, 2022.


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Canna Farm-Gate Opportunity in New Brunswick

In addition to the 10 retail locations, New Brunswick is also allowing licensed producers to open stores under their individual brands across the province. Canna Farm-Gate is a program that will enable licensed New Brunswick canna producers to sell their own products at their facilities. Canna Farm-Gate will increase the visibility of local licensed producers, providing them with opportunities to educate customers about the products manufactured at their facilities.  Any product sold at a licensed Farm-Gate retail store must be produced and packaged onsite while ensuring the products meet the federal regulations of Health Canada.

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