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Get Different Types of Canna Licenses



Canna Retail License authorizes you to deal with retail canna business and sell canna in Canada. CLE is here to assist you in applying for a Retail Operator Licence, opening a retail store and selling recreational canna in your respective province.



Farmgate Canna involves a standard or micro licensed producer who sells products directly to consumers. Obtain a farmgate license to meet provincial legislation for canna retail, open a canna farmgate facility and sell farmgate canna legally.


Cultivation License

Cultivation License includes Standard, Micro & Nursery Cultivation License. While the former allows cultivation of an unlimited-sized grow space, the latter is limited to 2152 sq ft of grow space. CLE can help you handle your licensing process.


Processing License

Processing License includes Standard Processing and Micro-Processing license. While the first one allows an unlimited amount of canna to process, the second permits up to 600 kg of canna. Get quick support to obtain a Processing License.


Medical Sales

To sell canna to medical patients, a Sale for Medical Purposes License is required. To sell canna recreationally, a Retail License is required. Get the Medical Sales License if you want to sell canna for both recreational and medical purposes.


Dealer's License

Health Canada Dealer License allows access to psy substances and legally conduct research, produce, distribute, deliver, import and export controlled substances. Apply for a Dealer License and be eligible to perform these activities.


Testing & Research

This license allows research on canna to develop new products, alter chemical or physical properties of medicinal and/or recreational canna products for the purpose of testing. Get support in Testing & Research applications.


Industrial Hemp

An Industrial Hemp License allows to sell hemp flowers, leaves and branches to other industrial hemp license holders and cultivate hemp (canna plants, & parts of the plant) to produce different products. Apply for an Industrial Hemp License today.

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Matthew Caton

Yield Cannab

"Canna License Experts, and their team were retained by our company to help us along the way with a retail canna license. Brian Wolf along with Kalpna Mistry and their team of experts were there the entire way through the process. Thanks again to Brian and Kalpna for all you support from our family at YIELD Cannab Co."

Lin Yan

GMLL Pharma

"We have contacted a few licensing company before I decided to contact with Canna licensing Experts. So far I think I have made the right choice and I am happy with the work they have done for us. The team answer questions promptly and never leave us alone. Not to mention their charge are reasonable comparing the similar type of consulting company and quality of their job."

Adrienne McConnell

Pursuit Health DC

"Knowledgeable and professional, making everything a smooth and seamless process. Highly recommended, They are honest and never tried to convince me anything out of their knowledge and expertise. But they always find the right resources as much as they can to help us when we need help."

John Zhang


"The staff at CLE are very professional and knowledgeable about the subject. Our license application went smoothly and their forecast was very accurate too. We got our license from Health Canada within 10 months time, amid the COVID-19 crisis."

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